Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Window Seat

Another lovely Sunday with my li'l darling. Slept in, nice big breakfast, long nap, happy playtime, did laundry and cleaning, and Giants beat the Patriots in the SuperBowl... again! A great day. Just wish it didn't start with poor Gigi having a coughing fit and throwing up a bunch of mucus. Apart from that, we had a nice time this morning, hanging out in the super steamy bathroom, drawing pictures on the mirror. She drew an awesome circle - my future li'l ar-teest.

After the steam session, we spent some time on the window seat in her room. She made a new friend - the strings on the blinds...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stay a Baby

As we were winding down our fun-filled Saturday, Gwen and I were dancing to the Toddler Tunes music channel. At 7:15, the lullabies begin, which is perfect since her bedtime is usually around 7:45. Tonight, Andy was on his way to pick up Olive Garden to go (our late-night at-home dinner date) so it was just me and Gigi. Our first dance of the night: "Please Stay a Baby" by Julie Chapman. As Gwen swayed back and forth, her hands gripping tightly to mine, she smiled and looked up toward the ceiling as if concentrating on the words and steps to the music. My eyes filled with tears. I remember rocking her to sleep, only a few weeks old, to that song. It doesn't seem that long ago. And I realized that it won't seem long before tonight is a distant memory. Her being this age will soon be forever behind us. It makes me want to never let her out of my sight. I miss her so much during the day when I'm at work. During the week, my moments with her are so timed and rushed it seems. Mornings are hectic, trying to fit in all the to-do's in order to make it to work on time (a rare occurance). Then evenings... same thing. 7:45 comes quick when you don't get home till 5:30.

It's such a fun age. She's our little sponge, attempting to repeat our words and actions. I love witnessing her learning something new, whether it's figuring out how to turn the flash cards to get them back in their box perfectly or discovering the sound the water makes when she slaps it with her tiny hands.

Motherhood is incredible. I try to thank God every day for the amazing gift. Selfishly, I usually end my prayer with a request for another. Not this month, perhaps next? It seems I have more friends and coworkers expecting than not. I must be next, right? We'll see. In the meantime, I continue to send up a lot of prayers both for myself and for my friends to have healthy, pleasant pregnancies, smooth deliveries, and beautiful, healthy babies.

I leave you tonight with the lyrics to the song that brought tears to my eyes tonight.

Julie Chapman - Please Stay a Baby

Look at you, is there something new?
Up on your hands and knees
Wasn’t it yesterday I held you so tight
Now from this moment, I realize
To cherish each day with you
Is what I must do

Please stay a baby
Stay my sweet baby
Someday you’ll fly…but first will you try
I hope that maybe
You’ll stay a baby
If only for just one more day

Soon you’ll grow and learn to walk
Many new things to try
The world and it’s wonders call you from my side
But each time you come back, my arms will open wide
I’ll listen, I’ll laugh, I’ll dry the tears from your eyes

The rush to grow is never slow
I‘ll treasure your first few steps
With each new accomplishment I won’t’ regret
That I took a moment to never forget
Time wasn’t meant to stand still
But the memories won’t