Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving Along...

So far, so good. Things are moving right along (pun intended). All papers are signed and now we're just waiting on appraisals to prove that we haven't asked to borrow to much. Closing day is scheduled for June 4th, a Monday. Hopefully we can get into our new house by Friday prior to start painting and cleaning.

It's a very exciting time. It's a very stressful time. It's been an emotional roller coaster for me. Most obvious reason being I don't much enjoy spending money and moving requires a lot. And it's sad to leave a home we love so much, we love it still. It's just not the right school district for Gwen. We're getting into the Maize district while the rates are low - we knew the day would come. I guess I didn't completely realize it was happening so fast. The house was on the market for over a year just last year. So to sell in four days was quite a shock.

This house has been home for almost six years - Andy and I have not stayed in one home anywhere near that long since we lived with our parents! Many wonderful memories were made here. Lots of family gatherings, time with friends. Some of those we loved and spent time with in this house are no longer with us - Andy's father, my grandpa, our friend Dan. We celebrated holidays here, and birthdays. We have laughed a lot. We have cried. This was the home we told potential birth mothers about, showed them where the baby's room would be. This is the home where I later was blessed to watch my belly grow, where we made a room for our precious little girl. We have watched her grow in this house. We played in that backyard. We gave her her first taste of rice cereal in that kitchen. My grandpa held her for the first time here, on that front walkway. And just the other day, I took her picture as she ran through that yard. Soon, this will be someone else's home. And yes, we'll have a new one to call home but I'll miss the memories made here. I know by the time we're ready to leave the next one, I'll have a much longer list of things I will miss about it. But right now, it's a place I don't know. It's exciting, but a little frightening.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Losing It

Stepping on the scale recently isn't such a daunting task anymore! I no longer cringe before the number pops up, nervous to see how much higher it is than the last time I checked. I have days where it is up a bit, but those days don't get me down because more often than not, my weigh in's leaving me feeling pretty good about myself! About a month or so ago, Andy and I went to a birthday party for a friend of ours. He looked fantastic having recently lost over 40 pounds! He and his wife both looked great and told us about the free app they were using that helped them with their accomplishments. So Andy and I decided to download it and get started. So far, I have lost almost 8 pounds and Andy has lost closer to 15. I can't even say it's a diet for us because we haven't really changed what we eat, we only now pay attention and log the number of calories we consume in the day.

Between the app, MyFitnessPal, and the healthy chocolate that I try to eat a few times a day, things are looking good! I am surprised though, how far I feel I still need to go after losing 8. I thought that was pretty close to where I wanted to be. But I have some serious toning to do if I want to get to where I'm ready for bathing suit season.

I feel this is a blessing in more ways than one. Obviously, getting the extra weight off and watching my calorie intake is helping me to be more healthy. But doing this diet with Andy and tracking it all so closely is also a wonderful distraction to other stresses in my life right now, such as infertility woes and the whole moving thing.

I'm looking forward to getting to my goal weight! Moving furniture and carrying boxes into our new home will probably help me get there sooner, too!