Sunday, December 23, 2012


This marks Gwen's 3rd Christmas... and the first year EVER of doing a Christmas card! I must say, I will plan to make this a new tradition. Oh... what fun!

Backdrop: borrowed organza curtains where the lights are sewn in, a friend had purchased them as wedding decor
JOY: cut out cardboard minutes before photo shoot
The most expensive and toughest part was picking out Gwen's outfit at babyGap!

Future Arteest

I'm trying to get those creative juices flowing early - not sure if I'm helping or deterring, but I certainly have fun! As I discovered in our art session this evening, she is not yet as enthusiastic about painting as her mommy, but we made it work. Most is hers, but I did my part to make sure the tape effect turned out as I had imagined.

This project required:
  • a 2-pack of 11x14 canvas
  • tape (Andy used to do auto pinstriping so I chose a thickness from his stash)
  • gesso
  • crayola paints
  • sponge brushes

Note, my inspiration.

First, I laid out the tape between the two canvases and applied gesso along the tape lines. This prevents color from going under the tape.

Next, I cut the tape connecting the two canvases, then applied blue painters tape around the outside, both to provide a border for the paint and to hold the tape in place.

Then, I let her loose with sponge and regular brushes...

The final product looks a bit chaotic (as mentioned before, I did fill in the blank spots - I'd ask her what color should go where once she had lost interest in doing it herself)
Once the tape is removed, the final masterpiece is revealed! I true work of art for the boring playroom walls!

Another recent project - painting snowflake ornaments for the Grandmas...

And an ornament for our tree as well!