Friday, April 20, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle

My goodness, it has been a long time since I posted to this blog. Curious if anyone has noticed... But nonetheless, I felt it was about time! A lot is going on right now. Yesterday was the first official day of our home being back on the market - very exciting... We are very impressed with our new realtor and very much enjoyed working with the stager. She gave us a LOT of work to do but we are tremendously pleased with the results and hope it helps our home sell quickly. Not sure where exactly we'll go yet, but we plan to start searching this weekend for our new abode.

Recently also started going back to the Center for Reproductive Medicine. Have had a consultation with the doctor, a sonogram, some blood work, and another HSG (dye test). So far, all is normal. One more mega blood test to do once insurance gives the ok, then another meeting with the doctor to go over everything. Praying, praying for another pregnancy. Praying it sticks, praying I carry a healthy baby full term. Praying.

In the meantime, I have begun planning the celebration of my baby girl's SECOND birthday. Time has flown, but she will always be my baby. New words every day. New dance moves. New ways of making me laugh. She is my little miracle, my darling gigi. I tried to choose a theme that would be fun, easy, and one that would mean something to her. She absolutely loves stars so the theme is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I plan to have stars everywhere, white, silver, glitter. So far I have only managed to create and send the invitations - a great start, but I have a lot more to do! And I have to do it without making a mess so that the house stays nice for showings, not always easy to do.

The design:

She is such a fun little model! I made the headband (glittery foam board and elastic). I hung our white shower curtain in front of the sliding glass door to the deck and hung a cardboard star, added effects in PhotoShop. The final product... I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I'm hoping that I can blow up the one where I added the swirl effect to have hanging up at the party.

I welcome any ideas for star party decor. If you have done this theme before and have any craft ideas, please let me know! And just as a reminder - I do design on the side. If you have an event coming up, birthday / graduation / baby, whatever, let me know if you need anything designed. I'd LOVE to help out. See my design blog at

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  1. I've been checking your blog, so I'm glad you posted again :) I'll pray with you for another healthy baby! Hopefully soon!! And I love the pics and theme for the party. So perfect.