Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Growing up

This weekend was as short as any other, but a lot happened. My baby grew up. I'm excited. I'm amazed, impressed. I'm sad. She showed me how smart she is this weekend. She showed me how she is absolutely not a little baby anymore. She is absolutely incredible and I love her so much.

What did she accomplish? First, she mastered the cup. No more tipping it too fast, sending milk all over her face, dumping down her chest, getting her choked up. No more playing in it with her fork or finger or putting food in it and watching it float around. No, she now says, "thank you," picks it up with both hands, slowly brings it to her lips and tips it slowly until she is able to sip at a comfortable pace before placing it back gently onto the table. Amazing.

Second, she took to potty training way quicker and more consistent than I ever imagined. A long day and a half of intense training (mama was worn out!) But it seems to have paid off! 25 months old. Hasn't had an accident while up, even at daycare the last two days. Before yesterday, she hadn't even ever used the potty while at daycare. Did let some go during nap today. Hasn't mastered #2. But asks to go "peep" every time. Amazing.

Third, she had absolutely no problem switching to a toddler bed. We changed it in time for nap on potty training day! All that going on, no problem. Doesn't get out of it without our permission. Doesn't fall out. Loves to get in and out all by herself. Also learned that jumping up and down on it is quite fun, too. Amazing.

Fourth, she not only knows all of the letters in the alphabet, she also knows that M comes after L. While her computer game was on L, she said, "Now, the Ah-Ah." To most, that wouldn't mean much, but I know her word for Monkey is Ah-Ah. So for the screen to still have the Lion on it and she says Ah-Ah, she knew that when she hit the button, the next thing she would see was a monkey. Amazing.

Fifth, she drew a circle with lines coming off of it. As she did so, she said, "Look, mama. Sun." Amazing.

Sixth, she tried on my bra. Hilarious.

Now some may roll their eyes at some of these things and think, "whoopedy-doo." But it was a lot for this mama to take in over the course of one weekend. I find her to be truly amazing. Even after all of this, I know that I will always see her as my baby.

Today, I thank God for letting me be Gwen's mommy. It's a joy I could have never imagined.


  1. What a little lady! Seriously, that's totally awesome on the potty training. Will you please come over and get Landon all squared away on the whole going in the potty thing?? :-) By the way, I LOVE reading your blog!

  2. I hear boys can be a bit more of a challenge, but I'm happy to share my experience! :) I posted on FB with the link to the method I used. If you ever wanted me over to help with anything, I'd be there! I actually had a blast! We were together constantly that weekend, Monday morning taking her to daycare was pretty hard on both of us. It was a lot of fun and I know you'll have fun with it too. Landon's a smart cookie! And thank you for the comment about my blog. I really enjoy writing. It's a wonderful outlet. And I'm glad it is enjoyable for others. Best of luck, mama!!