Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thinking 2013

Is it too early to begin thinking about New Year's Resolutions? If so, I guess I'm in the wrong. But I thought, why wait?

2013, I resolve, will be a wonderful year. I will be more active. I will be more careful about what I eat. I will write in my blog more often (off to a great start!). I will spend more time with those I love. No matter how 'busy' life gets, I want my loved ones to know I will always have time for them.

I will do more arts and crafts with my daughter. I will spend more cuddle time with my husband. I will say 'Thank You' more. I will figure out how to use Skype. I will learn how to use the sewing machine that has been in its box for over a year. I will paint some artwork to hang in our new home.

I will worry less. I will pray more.  I will make a better effort to thank my Lord and Savior for every gift. I am truly blessed. I shall not want. He provides for me. Even the unanswered prayers, I must remember are a blessing because He knows what is best, what I need. As much as it hurts, I am thankful to know I am never alone and He has not forgotten or ignored me.

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