Friday, December 20, 2013

A wonderful year, 2013!

What a year! It hurts my heart to realize how fast it all goes. My baby's a big girl, and in only three more months, we meet Carmen!

It's been a fun year. Work at Koch continues to challenge and fulfill. I was blessed in February with the opportunity to leave the country for the first time - my first stamp in the passport, Monterrey, Mexico. A one-day trip in the corporate jet. There's no better way to travel, let me tell ya!  Norwex has taken a back-burner, though I still use the products and I'm especially thankful for them now that I'm pregnant and trying to stay as chemical-free as possible.

Gwen started a new daycare in February and seems to be loving it a lot more than the previous place. Hugs all around are a must most days before we can leave - so adorable. I love that she has so many friends there.  She started a music/singing class in March so we got to see lots of 'performances' in our living room - she loves to perform. Took her to her first movie theater experience in April - only one bathroom break. Mastered the potty training challenge, celebrated a third birthday, went to the circus in June, first haircut and trip to the dentist in July (she's excited to get to go back!). She started a ballet/theater class in September - I have never witnessed anything else more adorable than that.

Andy is enjoying a new role at his job - commercial sales for Overhead Door. God has blessed him with a strong start. The company vehicle allowed him to get a Mustang, which he is very happy about. He took his annual vacation with the guys in August, always a lot of fun, I'm told.

So now, we're gearing up for an exciting and challenging 2014. Preparing nursery, arranging for preschool to begin for G. Blessings to you and yours for the new year!

January - homemade tiaras

February - new bed

March - playing in the dirt

May - birthday party

June - playing in new art playroom

July - trip to Kansas City

September - first ballet class

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