Monday, June 9, 2014

Gwen turns 4!

Is it possible? Is my baby girl really 4 years old?
I look at baby Carmen and remember Gwen being that small. Where did 4 years go? Now she's this little person with whom I have long conversations. She brushes her own teeth. She gets herself dressed. She forgets to kiss me goodbye on occassion... It all happened so very fast.

Last year was the first that I asked a series of questions to Gwen on her birthday. These were her answers when she turned three:

One year later...

Like most other little girls I know, she wanted a Frozen themed birthday party. Even though I had said that I would never do a Disney theme party/room/outfit, like everything else, I did it anyway just to make my little princess happy (by the way, when she was a baby, Princess, was a bad word in our house - I lost that battle a long time ago).

The invitation, front and back:


Gwen really loved the invitations - she was thrilled when she saw the finished project because it finally explained why I had her pose like this:

Party Time!!!

On the cake table, I placed this photo (11x14 printed at local Sam's Club for under $3):

I printed free Frozen coloring book pages from sites I found via Pinterest:

Mmmmm, powdered donuts:

Backdrop with snowflakes found on Amazon made a nice background for the cake table and helped to hide our garage shelves. Minimal cleaning necessary!

Carmen was passed around from Grandma to Grandma to Aunts, etc. all afternoon:
 And the thank you cards were done in no time! I just customized the photo to be relevent for the recipient, when possible - a picture of Gwen with the guest or with their gift - and added the text right on the photo, leaving room at the bottom. I had them printed at Sam's as 5x7 photos for crazy cheap. Then I just had Gwen sign her name at the bottom!

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