Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm New Here!

Never had much interest in blogging. Wouldn't know where to begin. But for some reason, today was different. I recently have been overwhelmed with creative impulses, yet no time to act on them. But I'm thinking this blog will be a creative outlet, where I can post some pics of my little darling as well as my future projects. New Year's Resolution #1: DO! A year from now, I don't want to wish I had started today.

Starting off right, with a photo shoot with my sweet daughter, Gwen (just turned 19 months old). I have a bit of love for babyGap...

Now, I must brag. I check out our local used children's clothing stores from time to time in search for the diamond in the rough. Well yesterday, I found a gem! A 2T babyGap denim jacket. This momma couldn't be more thrilled - with coupon... $6!! Oh, the possibilities...


  1. What a wonderful, precious, and beautiful gift God has given you and Andy!

  2. Thank you, Amy! I couldn't agree more ♥ I want two more just like her!