Sunday, January 8, 2012


To see things through the eyes of a child... Christmas was an all-new, amazing celebration this year. Gwen had such a wonderful time and was actually able to tear into her gifts (and everyone else's) this year. It was such a joy to see the holiday through her eyes. We drove through a few neighborhoods to let her see the pretty lights on the houses - we enjoyed the Ooooh's and Ahhhhh's from the backseat. Perhaps next year we'll participate in decorating outside as well!

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos and memories from this year's Christmas. First was in Cheney, where we celebrated on Christmas Eve. We opened gifts then had a wonderful dinner, followed by the Candlelight Service at TUCC (a Chance family tradition). Not sure when we'll attend the midnight service again - with Gigi's early bedtime, we attend the 7:00 service instead. Elmo is her favorite Sesame Street character, and Curious George has a special place in her heart. Uncle Ray got her the most adorable racer jacket - she was quite thankful, a gift well-deserving of a big hug.

Christmas morning was such a joy! She was excited to wake and find a load of presents under our li'l tree and a stocking full of goodies, all for her ripping pleasure!
 I love her expression - she sees George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. Oh, the joy!
What's black and white and has Gwen all over it? Her new beanbag chair - a wonderful gift from G'ma and G'pa C! She loves to kick back and watch the Curious George movie.
 Another G'ma/G'pa C. gift - it said some assembly required. Arghh! Well worth it though. She loves cooking in her just-her-size kitchen.
Not done yet! Then there was a surprise Christmas from Venicca and Walt. New fun monkey gloves!!
And finally, Christmas with G'ma J. Lots of fun again, tearing into gifts. She can finally get some work done on her new computer!!
Would you like the bow?
 And a new car! She can wear her new racing jacket when she plays with this!
But even at this age where her eyes light up at all of the wonderful toys, as they say, the box it comes it can sometimes be the best part of the gift... (yes, she did this herself)
 Merry Christmas,everyone!!

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