Friday, January 6, 2012

♫ Music ♫

We noticed from a very young age that Gwen enjoyed music. Long before she was even crawling, she would bouce a little to the beat. Now that she's older, she loves to dance and sing. She shared her booty-shaking talents with the lovely folks at Best Buy last weekend in the sub-woofer room. She can really drop it like it's hot!! Here's a li'l ditty when she was a little over a year old - practicing her octaves...

She got a sing-a-long book for her first birthday - it got to the point that if she pointed at the page and if no one started singing the song right away, we had a grumpy girl on our hands! We know all too well that the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, we are experts row row rowing the boat, and we're not ashamed to tell the world that we're happy and we know it...

One lazy day we noticed Gwen doing her own thing in the corner of the room - singing her usual random song. But then out of nowhere, she playfully fell to the floor. Odd new twist to the song... I quickly recalled the words to 'Ring Around the Rosy'. Sure enough when I started singing it, she was ecstatic. I don't remember now how many times I sang it before it was finally ok to stop. The video I recorded on my phone (sorry it's sideways!) proves that even being in the scary doctor office with her back-side hanging out could not keep her from enjoying the song.

My parents go above and beyond for Christmas for us all, but one of the gifts was some mommy/daddy time. We dropped Gwen off at their house on a Monday evening and picked her up on Wednesday. During this visit, my mom shared her wonderful musical talents with Gwen. They sat together at the piano as my mom played and sang. I used to love listening to my mom practice piano when I was younger.

It obviously had a lasting impression on Gwen because as we watched football the following week, Gwen shared with us some of what she learned ♫ Unfortunately, I and the camera were far enough away that her voice didn't get picked up as well as I had hoped, but I still find her serenade very enjoyable...

And in closing, I cannot leave you without a dance number. Once I figure out the software my parents so kindly got me for Christmas, I will put together a dance mix. But for now, considering it's about my bedtime, I will include her favorite nighty-night melody. Please excuse the crazy lady outfit. We do lots of layers after bath. My sweetie does not like to be cold (like her mama).


  1. She's got rhythm! I love how their interests and talents appear so early.

  2. Ya, we were surprised to see her respond to music so early! Makes sense though, Andy and I both have a lot of musicians in our families. She was bound to have a respect for it :)